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Mass Concrete

Mass concrete refers to very thick structures (> 80 cm). These structures often have a large volume, which generally means that large volumes of concrete have to be installed in a short time. This requires extremely good planning and efficient processes. Mass concrete is used for: Foundations for large loads Foundations for buoyancy control Solid […]

Slipformed Concrete

  In the slipforming method, the formwork is moved continuously in sync with the concreting process in a 24-hour operation. The formwork, including the working platform and the hanging scaffold mounted internally or on both sides, is fixed to the jacking rods in the center of the wall. The hydraulic oil operated lifting jack raises […]

Is Your Business Safe, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly?

Business in Australia needs to make sure that they comply with Government regulations in their daily business operations. That includes health and safety, and environmental requirements and recommendations. If you’re planning to run a business or if you already have a business in Australia, here is what you can do to help you make sure […]

Application of Sprayed Concrete or Shotcrete

Uses of sprayed concrete (or shotcrete) Over the past century, sprayed concrete has replaced the traditional methods of lining tunnel profiles and has become very important in stabilizing the excavated tunnel section. Sprayed concrete is a single term that describes various component of a complete technology: the material sprayed concrete the sprayed concreting process the […]

Advantages of Purchasing a Compactor

A compactor is essential in a wide variety of retail stores and other businesses that produce large amounts of waste. You might not have a trash compactor right now at your business. This is something that you might want to seriously consider investing in. It can change the way your facility operates and make life […]


Gutters play a key part in securing the home, foundation, and surroundings. Gutters are a vital component in the house to keep water far from home to a sheltered zone or to the drainage. Gutters get clogged because of the tree limbs, leaves, garbage that stall out in the gutters. As the season changes from […]

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If you’re standing in your bathroom thinking ‘this bathroom needs a change!’ perhaps it’s time to consider some minor renovations. Giving your bathroom a facelift can transform your bathroom space into a much more pleasant area and it can increase the value of your home. If the idea of remodeling your entire bathroom doesn’t appeal […]

Guidelines on Church Design

Decisions about how to design a church interior usually involve group consensus. The process from concept to implementation is likely to include multiple approvals and input from inside and outside of the individual church community. Catholic church interior design differs from other church denominations and may also require diocese inputs. Design and function go hand-in-hand […]

Types of Interior Design Services Provided by Professionals

Interior designers ensure that the interior spaces they design become beautiful, safe, and functional for every building, including shops, offices, and homes. The designers will care regarding your concerns by interpreting precisely the words you employ to describe your desires and dreams. After that, they can guide you in choosing the design options and materials […]

Seven Reasons You Need Facilities Management

Most companies have heard of facilities management (FM), but just as many don’t realise how engaging an FM service can help them to get the best out of their building and its amenities. A company’s facilities are usually its second-biggest expense, after salaries and other personnel expenses; and while staff get a lot of attention […]