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Highway Design-Parking Along Highways and Arterial Streets

These paragraphs below deal with parking as it pertains to the mainlanes of a controlled access highway, the frontage roads for such a facility, and parking along urban and suburban arterials. Rest areas as parking facilities are not considered in this article. Emergency Parking Parking on and adjacent to the mainlanes of a highway will […]

Engineer Guides upon Building Bridges

Engineers are commonly associated with building bridges and rightly so. Building bridges is more than just laying pile of woods over an obstacle. It is a structure that should last for a very long time and it should effectively serve its purpose. To achieve this, engineers have to painstakingly and meticulously design a bridge. While […]

Working in the Mining Industry for Civil Engineers

There are many different career paths that you can take once you’ve completed a degree in civil engineering. Some engineers go into city infrastructure, helping to construct buildings, bridges, and more. But others take another route. One option post-graduation is to go into the mining industry, where civil and structural engineers can perform a range […]

Competitive Bidding

Competitive bidding on construction projects involves decision making under uncertainty where one of the greatest sources of the uncertainty for each bidder is due to the unpredictable nature of his competitors. Each bid submitted for a particular job by a contractor will be determined by a large number of factors, including an estimate of the […]

Negotiated Construction Bids

What is Construction Bids? Construction Bids are written offers from contractors to undertake a construction job in return of a certain sum of money. Bids can be either Negotiated Bid, Limited Competition, Selective Bid or Open Competition Bid. This article will talk about Negotiated Bid while the other will be written in fupcoming posts. Negotiation […]

Ways to Generate New Real Estate Leads

Real estate agents and companies need to maintain healthy leads if they are to keep their business afloat. There are times when a realtor will have multiple clients when the rates are low, but bad times are expected as well when the client base is lacking. However, even as you adjust to the fluctuating real […]

Scope, Budget and Schedule of Construction Projects

Construction projects are defined by their scope, budget, and schedule. For example, an Agency is to undertake a project to design and build a new maintenance facility for its fleet of buses (scope), at an estimate of $30 million (preliminary budget) over a three-year period of construction (schedule). The schedule specifies a defined beginning and […]

Marble vs. Granite – choosing right natural stone for counter tops

Natural stone countertops are sought after by many homeowners, but not many could name the differences between marble and granite. Both are luxury materials which are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. In this article we will explain the difference between marble and granite and provide information that will help you to […]

The Fine Art of Repointing Brickwork

If you own a period property or an oldish one, you may have noticed the cement between the bricks is starting to crack and may then crumble eventually turning to dust. The cement that holds bricks in place is called “pointing”, and it’s not only older houses that suffer from it falling out because new […]

Essential Things You’ll Need When Running a Construction Site

When you run a construction site, you’ll be busy every day. Projects come thick and fast in the construction business, and you need to be ready for that. There’s a lot to oversee when you run a construction site, and you need to consider what the different variables are. You’re going to encounter hazards on […]