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Types of Corrosion Protection for Structural Steel

Steel is one of the strongest of construction materials and is able to withstand many extreme environmental conditions. However, this depends on an efficient and effective protection against corrosion. Rust Iron is the principal component of all steel grades. Without adequate corrosion protection, it will react on exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere, creating pockets […]

Six Woes Your Construction Or Engineering Firm Needs Well Rid Of

Running your own construction business is not an easy job. Your responsibility not only for yourself but for the continued employment of your employed workers is not to be underestimated. It can be easy to neglect parts of the business when you’re focused on a job. As the boss, however, you need to see things […]

5 Effective Ways to Stay Safe When You Use Your Power Washer

Getting your home ready for the summer doesn’t just end with a carefully planned out cleaning checklist. It requires effort and in some cases research. When you are searching for ‘pressure washing Greenville SC‘ be sure to know the best way to use a power washer. You should keep on reading to find out more. […]

Benefits Of Using A Modular Building

Thanks to new advancements, modular buildings are no longer only used for temporary purposes. Today, many people use modular buildings for housing in urban environments and remote locations. Some businesses also store their retail items in modular buildings. Besides these benefits, there are many other reasons why a modular building is worth considering. Cost & […]

Main Types of Cement in Construction

In addition to ordinary portland cement there are many varieties of cement. Important varieties are briefly explained below: (i) White Cement: The cement when made free from colouring oxides of iron, maganese and chlorium results into white cement. In the manufacture of this cement, the oil fuel is used instead of coal for burning. White […]

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Your sump pump is one of the most important components of your house.  Although it mainly works on its own, it needs to have maintenance done on a regular basis in order to keep it operating properly. Usually a sump pump is located in the basement or a crawl space.  It pumps income water outside […]

How to Avoid Complications When Using MDF

MDF provides the perfect budget friendly option as a material for many of your home improvement projects. From kitchen cupboard doors to custom furniture, the versatility of MDF is wide ranging. However, to ensure longevity and the best quality finish for your MDF projects, there are a few guidelines to follow. Board Type It is […]

A Guide to Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Undergrounding utilities, either with a concrete slab indoors or outdoors before getting down to work, is a must, especially when it comes to mapping and surveying the site of your project. To identify subsurface utilities including buried fiber optics, asphalt, concrete, terracotta, composite pipes, gas lines and plastic water pipes, GPR which is designed using […]

The Concrete Flooring Characteristics That Are Most Positive

Durable: When it comes to being resilient and tough, concrete can withstand a great deal of pressure from stacked crates, forklifts, trucks, cars, and other heavy equipment. Warehouses and garages use this material in commercial areas because they can stand up to hard working conditions. This material quality means that it is hard to damage. […]