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3 Tips for Becoming a Building Contractor

Contracting can be a lucrative career, and it can also be a rewarding one. However, it takes time to learn the trade. You can gain a lot of knowledge through on-the-job training, but formal training programs are also beneficial. If you are considering pursuing this career, consider these three tips. With some research and careful […]

How To Build A Property In A Remote Location

Ever fancied moving away from the cities and taking up residence in the wilderness? In days gone by, it was a lot easier – think Walden: Or, Life in the Woods – but it is still a viable option for anyone wanting to get away. Thankfully, there is still a lot of space in the […]

What Do Construction Management Jobs Require

If you are interested in applying for construction management jobs, there are many different online degrees that can help you achieve your goals and fast track your career. The best part is that you can earn these degrees from the comfort of your own home and create a schedule that works for you and your […]

The Art Of Project Management

image The project manager is one of the most important people on a construction site. They’re responsible for taking the job from start to finish. From the early planning stages, to the final touches, they make sure everything runs smoothly. Their job is wide and complex. They’re constantly putting out fires and reacting to new […]

Sunpower solar cell make a new step on solar car technology development

These flexible solar panels are ideal for travel purposes – set it up on a yacht, boat, or caravan as per your convenience. These lightweight panels deliver high output and superb performance, and can be installed very quickly. Currently, we have 4 types of solar panels made with different materials – ETFE, PET, Aluminum, and […]

Cost Estimating Strategy in Project Management

In order to achieve accurate estimates in Project Management, cost estimating strategy is a must. This cost estimating strategy is developed based on a three-step process. These steps lead to a more accurate cost estimate by incorporating the knowledge gained during the design phase of the project combined with knowledge from previous projects. With the […]

Project Management Career

Project management is an art entailing planning, organizing, and administering set goals. It requires the orchestration of the various aspects of deadline-based discrete projects. The Profession A profession in project management requires working with a team of people; therefore, a successful project manager needs to understand the importance of teamwork, and how to achieve more […]

Things To Think About When Building A Home Extension

Building an extension on your home is a big job. Getting it wrong could mean you make the property look unsightly. It could also mean you upset your neighbors and end up in trouble. However, most people don’t consider that fact that poor planning could make the construct unsafe. That would put your family at […]

A Closer Look at Pile Foundations

Pile foundation is necessary when there isn’t sufficient soil bearing capacity for the structure to be able to withstand.  It is caused by the condition of the soil or operational conditions, conditions at the site, load types on the foundations or order of the bottom layers. There are many different factors that can prevent a […]

Shotcrete for Stabilisation and Lining

1. Stabilisation using shotcrete Shotcrete is the perfect material for excavation stabilization. Its unique flexibility in the choice of application thickness, material formulation (fiber), output capacity, very early strength development (dry and/or wet) and the ability to respray at any time makes shotcrete the complete material for excavation stabilization. A distinction is made between full […]