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Fit Top of the Range Double Glazing in Green Deal

Double glazing is proven to save home owners between £80 and £100 a year on fuel bills every year. But are your uPVC windows actually saving you as much as they could do? The government does not think so and in January 2013 launched the Green Deal scheme in an attempt to encourage home owners […]

Personal Requirements for Civil Engineers

Civil engineers may work in offices or spend much of their time on site. They may be required to work long hours and meet strict deadlines while working under minimal supervision. Civil engineers deal with various professional, skilled and semi-skilled people. Consulting and contracting engineers often travel interstate and some travel overseas. It may be […]

How to Create Best Engineering Resume

The engineering resume is the engineering job seeker’s primary marketing document that sells the product – the skills and experience of the engineer. Engineering resumes can be a more difficult document to develop than a regular resume, especially because engineering jobs are often technical while those doing the hiring are not. Most engineers can get […]

Employment of Civil Engineers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineers hold about 256,000 jobs. This represents 17% of the 1.5 million jobs held by engineers in the U.S. Employment opportunities for civil engineers exist all over the world. Civil engineers are needed everywhere to plan, design, construct, operate, improve, and renovate the projects essential to […]

Health and Safety in Concrete Construction

While there are many things important to concrete construction, such as quality work and making a profit, health and safety must always be the No. 1 priority. For that reason, we are starting with safety to emphasize its importance as critical to a successful project. Most accidents are preventable. Accidents are often due to carelessness […]

Simple Steps To Stay On Schedule When Completing Projects

One of the easiest ways to waste money is to fail to schedule. When you undertake a certain project, you might find it hard to stick to a time limit. Time is money. When you waste company time, you might as well start burning your profits. As a manager, you need to take responsibility for […]

Engineering Managers: What They Do and What They Know

An engineering manager is an engineer whose job requires him or her to apply the principles of engineering to the practices and practicalities of business. Ideally suited for a person who is skilled and knowledgeable in the technical, mechanical and technological aspects of engineering but who possesses the planning abilities and people management skills of […]

Top storage solutions for schools

School teachers and headmasters will know better than anyone how many things children nowadays need to bring with them into the classroom – and that it’s also handy to have somewhere for them to store their books, bags and other equipment that’s not being used. Aside from anything else, it’s sensible to reduce the amount […]

Efficiently Train Students for Industrial Jobs with Online Courses

As the new generation graduates from college and seeks jobs in industrial fields, Human Resources departments and EH&S Managers have struggled with figuring out how to efficiently train this distinct group of people. More and more, they’re turning to computer based training and online courses as the solution to the problem. Online courses offer a […]

A Fascinating Insight Into The History Of CNC Routing

In case you wondered, “CNC” stands for Computerized Numerical Control. CNC routing is one of those things that most people seldom know about. But without it, many of the precision-cut items we use each day would not exist!  If you want to learn more about CNC routing, it’s important first to take a trip back […]