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Tips to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

The real estate business allows you to explore opportunities, invest money, and gain financial freedom. One sector to invest in is commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is one of the most explored sectors and for good reason. The clients are often companies and corporations willing to spend a large amount of money on each […]

Create a Gantt Chart Using Microsoft Excel

A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time. A Gantt chart is a useful tool for planning and scheduling projects. A Gantt chart is helpful when monitoring a project’s progress. How to Create a Gantt Chart Using Microsoft Excel More explanation of Gantt Chart: A Gantt […]

Portable Buildings for Sale

When it comes down to purchased portable buildings or temporary buildings there truly is something to suit each and every requirement at an affordable price. Whether you are on the look out for a cost effective portable office, toilet units, training area, portable storage buildings, canteen, or even a portable home; you will be guaranteed […]

Meet The World’s Greenest Buildings

The race is officially on to build the greenest structure in the world. Apple recently staked its claim, unveiling the new Campus 2 in Cupertino. It boldly declared that it would be the greenest building on the planet. Some experts, however, have questioned this. That got us thinking. What other structures can claim to boast […]

5 Phases of Sea Port Development

The course of development of a port or port terminal usually undergoes phases, which also indicate its age. Evolution from a traditional break-bulk cargo port to a specialized unitized cargo port may be gradual. However, it is distinguishable into qualitative changes that take place in specific periods throughout the overall life of the port. These […]

How to Prevent Basement Flooding

A flooded basement can be a very expensive problem to rectify. Not only is there the cost of hiring the machinery needed to pump the room dry, but there is also the potential damage to possessions and the foundations of the property too. Even if this is covered by home insurance, flooding is one of […]

Guidelines For Purchasing Industrial Equipment

Be Aware Of The Worth Of Your Equipment One of the first things you need to do is sufficient research on the typical pricing for the type of equipment you have according to industry trends. This information will help you to create an acceptable price range for your own equipment. Once you have a sensible […]

Real Estate: Relocating in a Few Easy Steps

Relocating can be tough. If you’re a lone individual, it can be pretty bloodless. If you’re married with kids however, you’re in for some real hard work. The first thing to think about with relocating is where. Sounds pretty obvious, but most of the legwork is in this first step. Image credit: flickr Think about […]

Specification for Mixing Concrete

Concrete shall be mixed at the construction site, at a central mixing plant, in a truck mixer, or by a combination of central plant and truck mixing. Hand-mixing may be used only when approved by the Engineer. No concrete shall be mixed, placed, or finished when the natural light is insufficient, unless an adequate and […]